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We use the best parts providing our customers with the highest level of safety possible. All our parts and services are competitively priced.

Your battery should be reliable and do its job effectively.


You shouldn't have to think or worry about it. We can test and diagnose your battery's health to determine if it is time for a replacement.


We stock a wide range of high quality batteries all at extremely affordable prices. Call in today if you have concerns about your battery or if your current one has completely died. We will have you back on the road in no time! 


Battery failure is one of the most common causes of vehicle breakdown. There is usually little or no warning, before a car battery fails.


This is why, as it ages, making sure that your battery is checked regularly is essential. Getting your battery checked will provide you with information that can prevent premature failure and inconvenience. 


The average life expectancy of a car battery is five to seven years. Good driving habits can prolong the life of your car battery and help to prevent vehicle breakdown. 

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