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In order for me to make a bigger impact for Challenger across social media, It will require a lot more of my time.

With more of my time comes the following taks

* Create covid friendly website

 * Create Covid friendly facebook page

* Weekly/monthly meetings with Paula or Dean via phone

*Have Challenger autos appear in the top 3 google rankings for a mechanic business in every town in South West Nottingham

* 3 - 5 Facebook posts a week

* 3 - 5 website blog posts a week

* Over 100 positive google reviews added within 3 months

* Introduce Challenger Autos to companies like Car Valeting, Interior car gift business etc

* Add challenger autos to more public directories like

* Get challenger autos high ranking on google map search

* Get challenger autos on google map icon for Nottingham Mechanics search

* Interact with other local businesses and form a connection

* Supply reports and updates each month to show progress

* Offer technical support 24/7 mon-sun


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